Sunday, September 17, 2006

Imagenes De Vaginas Rapadas

She began to grunt in earnest now, rhythmically; his finger pumping her ass finally drove her over the edge and she screamed, "Uhn, Uhn, Uhn, FUCK ME, Master! Uhnn. Fuck me! Fuck Your cunt! Yes, Yes, Yes," she screamed over and over as her cunt and ass spasmed around His fingers and He leaned in close, covering her mouth in His so that she was forced to breathe in great giant gouts through her nose as He kissed her.

The real Susan's eyes locked on mine for a moment.

"Until just now, only your father. It had been a couple of months, but for such a long time I only did it because I thought I had to. This was just so … intense."

I guessed he was in his mid-twenties. He had a slender build but it was difficult to make out more that that dressed in a suit as he was. His skin was fair and his hair was dark brown which he kept cut short and neatly combed. His eyes fascinated me and were I suppose what kept my interest. They were a mysterious shade of light green, bordering on blue, and they seemed to draw you in and make him stand out. Without the eyes, I'm sure I would have looked and wondered, but that would have probably been it.

"Oh please, mom, please!" The girl pleaded.

"Would you like us to let go?" they asked. A hand at her left ankle let go, and he foot hung in dizzying air.

Sure enough, the former Mrs. Taylor met him in the parking lot about two minutes after he reached his car. Dan was leaning against the trunk, watching her weave her way through the other cars in the parking lot; she seemed a little unsteady in her four-inch porn star pumps. "Nice car," she remarked as she sidled up to him, running her long fingernails over the hood of Dan's BMW. "Must be rich." Candy brushed her fingers across Dan's chest as she said this.

She hatched a bold plan, fully aware that the slight effects of the alcohol were helping to push her into it. It wasn't much of a plan, really, but if Chris was like any other hot-blooded man, it had a chance of working. She wasn't going to trick him, or seduce him, or even ask him out for a "coffee". She was just going to do what she was probably already going to do tonight, anyway. Except now she was going to do it the darkened boardroom.

Telling the story again had conjured up erotic mental images of my naked young wife cooperating with the doctor’s advances, spreading her legs when he told her to do so, and I felt my cock move. Despite everything else I felt, it made me horny to think of what happened that afternoon. And because I was telling the story to this sexy woman, it made me even more aroused. I knew my cock was starting to stiffen.

I turn on the main monitor and at once it showed her room. I grinned, watching the monitor, seeing Monee turns on the TV, and watch it a bit. Then she begin to take off her sari, revealing to me her huge soft tits, tipped with large swollen dark nipples, slowly as Monee gets naked, I get a good view of her hairy cunt. Her crotch is covered with a thick jungle of curly pubic hair, and the shape of her very fat labia can be seen even through the dense forest of her pussy hair.

The pace quickened with each thrust and withdrawal, a relentless advance that drove me through a series of aftershocks and brought him closer to satisfaction. I held tight onto his shoulders as I moved with him, nails scraping as my teeth nipped along his collarbone. My body ached already, and I was sure that if he was holding back, I was glad for it. There was an intensity, whether it was his, my own, or both I wasn’t sure… But I wasn’t entirely positive I would survive much more than this.

She grimaced slightly, but tried to smile for him. "Thank you, sir."

She pulled out her favorite blue jeans, and a beautiful bulky turtleneck sweater in pale yellow. She felt great in them, and she looked great in them. When Saturday night finally came, she was going to be very ready.

She had taken a shower first, but the damn camera lens was all fogged up, so I didn't see a damn thing. So I had to wait till she had gone to her room, to my luck, she turned on The big light, so I could everything. All she had on was a towel, and my dick started to get hard, just waiting, my heart was beating so hard I thought it would explode, then she Dropped her towel, and I got the shock of my life. My little girl, had shaved every bit Of her pussy hair off, she was bald as the day she was born. The camera's that I had purchased - all cam with a zoom, and panning ability. So I could follow her, and zoom into the most vital area's.

This was one slap too many. My cock thickened and a spasm of indescribable pleasure took hold as my orgasm washed over me like a tall wave. I felt any control ebb away as I shuddered feeling my stiffening cock preparing to ejaculate.

I tried to get some more information out of her, “OK Sweetie. We’ll be there. What did you want to do anyway?”

“I was going to the bathroom to relieve myself when I heard you moaning.”

I re-joined the girls and told them everything I had found out about Ross and we decided it was just risky enough to keep us excited and chancy that he might turn us in after it was all over. The thrill had the three of us so excited we didn’t want to wait; we are all very hot, wet and excited beyond belief.

We got the dining room cleaned up in record time and headed below. There we found Carl sitting with Sandra's top gone. Her ample breasts were displayed and he was rolling her nipples between his fingers as they kissed. Julie and Anne went over to sit close to them and soon Sandra had hands on her from three people. Her moans were noticeably growing in volume as those hands did their magic.

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