Thursday, September 21, 2006

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"Coming right up." Beth said, smiling at me as she walked off to the kitchen.

Anika stepped past the form into what appeared at first to be a very large formal living room. There were floor to ceiling windows with heavy drapes. There was a large, very ornate fireplace at the far end of the room. In front of the fireplace was a bed! The bed appeared rather odd in a living room but that was the client’s business.

"You think I'm that shallow?" Jay asked.

Chrissi worked the early shift. Since I'd been hired I'd been drawn to her, though she wasn't a conventional beauty. She was roughly 5'7" with straight, ruddy blonde hair which fell just beyond her slightly slouching shoulders. She always wore a long-sleeved shirt under her uniform polo; this pressed her large tits close to her frame and made them appear fuller. Her ass - always beneath tan corduroys - was tall and flat; somehow I couldn't keep myself from watching it sway when she walked. Her lightly freckled face was round and rolled to a weak chin. Her sunny blue eyes and innocent smile were offset by the parted pout of her full mouth. There was something unusually provocative in the way she carried herself. Perhaps it was because Chrissi was a mother of one and staunchly conservative at her core that I so enjoyed envisioning her in wanton coitus. But it wasn't that I wanted to defile her - I pondered this long and deeply for three and a half months. It wasn't the thought of Chrissi's humiliation or subjugation that aroused me, it was that of the nature which her Christian demeanor concealed being freed by my advances. I worked with many women, a good deal of them universally attractive and openly sexual; but it was childish, closed-up little Chrissi who moved me most. But I never moved upon her.

That's exactly what I'm telling you. I cup her neck and lift her head with one hand as I push my cock down with the other. Now she has never sucked me after I've come in her – never. So I pull her mouth to my cock and hold it against her lips. I start rubbing my cock all over her lips and she is keeping her mouth closed. Which is not really a problem because I'm getting hard again anyway. As my cock gets harder I start rubbing it all over her face and back to her mouth. Finally she opens up and I push the head into her mouth and the pull it out. In and out, in and out until I'm rock hard. Then I tucked a pillow under her hips to lift them up. I go back to working on her asshole and she gets into it again - only this time I'm using two fingers. I feel her relax so I rear up and dip my cock into her cunt, get it good and slippery with my cum and position it on her ass."

I looked deep in her eyes. She was pleading with me. She was actually depending on me to fix things with her and Trevor. Kathy needed me,,,she finally needed me.

Shit! To paraphrase Laurel and Hardy, "This is a fine mess we have gotten ourselves into." All of a sudden I was in a position where I had to do something even if it turned out wrong.

"Fuck me."

Markus: 'Naturally. Your office any more fun?'

I started to the door and Paula yelled, “Oh it’s Jennifer. Today’s her birthday and I told her to come over and get her present. She’s 18 today” What? The neighbor’s teenage daughter. She was so hot. Her tits were so big and her ass was to die for. I had wanted to fuck her for years but couldn’t even entertain such thoughts but now she was legal.

Stephanie looked at me. I kept my poker face in place. On one hand, I didn't want to see this young girl get a whipping, however, my male sexuality was driving me and I couldn't wait to hear and see her mom tearing into her tender ass with the strap. Joan looked her daughter up and down. I think she was trying to determine what would be the most advantageous position to put her in. Finally she said, "lay across the sofa arm."

"I know. I just wish I didn't have to roll through there in a BMW," I said as I walked out the front door.

"What happened then?"

I let go of your hands, but you don't move. I work my pants loose and down, my cock springing to life.

"So, how have you been?" I asked her. I tried not to seem too eager to feel her next to me again. She was still so soft, and she smelled so sweet.

Minu asked "Why?"

I moved away from the window to dry myself off. When I peeked out from behind it I saw that the two were still in the window, but the niece was turned away, talking to Ambrin.

The storm outside was quickly forgotten as heat filled both of them. Teri let her fingers slip through his wet hair, her nails lightly scratching against his skin. She trailed them down, around his ears, as her tongue fought with his. Down around his neck they slipped, finally reaching the first button at the throat of his shirt. She flicked it open, her nails teasing his skin, going to the next and then the next until his shirt lay open around him. Her mouth left his, finding his neck, to nip and nibble as she tormented her tormentor.

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